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The best Vacations and Travel Associated Products from your Journey Franchise
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The Travel Franchises works with travel firms and over 450 tour operators to supply the broadest variety of lodging, holidays, flights and services accessible through any travel agency

At The Journey Franchise we’ve got over 12 million vacation blends, all at the greatest costs, plus we have negotiated the greatest fees for you.

Resorts & Lodging


At The Journey Franchise it is also possible to become a cruise specialist. We work with all the leading cruise lines to offer an all-inclusive variety of choices at rates that are very favourable.
Tailor Made Vacations

Niche Markets

Do you want to specialise in a specific merchandise? Driving Honeymoons around the world, white water rafting or vacations in Italy? We’ve got a complete variety of providers and products who will be able to help you develop niche markets and your own products.
Travel Extras

Included in these are the full variety of resorts, airport parking, and lounges.
Travel Insurance

Totally controlled by the IFA, we’ve among the most effective insurance products in the marketplace, at a cost that is fantastic.